FINAL Fishpond Tile Orders

     With several requests coming in for getting tiles engraved, we have decided to open up tile orders for one FINAL time. There are up to 26 full tiles available for engraving. Cost: Full tile, $125.00 or half of a tile, $75.00. Standard Artwork is an extra $15.00; specialty artwork is an extra $35.00 (provided you have a scannable image).
     All orders are due by August 1, 2022 or when all available tiles have been purchased, whichever occurs first. Order forms can be picked up at Mountain View Real Estate or downloaded here:  TILE ORDER FORM
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4-Paws Grant Project

We received a grant in 2020 from the Montana Rotary District which made it possible to help with some much needed renovations at the 4-Paws building.
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Home Basketball Games

Posted on Dec 04, 2019
Once again, we will be selling tickets for the girls and boys home basketball games beginning December 19th and through February 15th.  It is a great way to say hello to locals and visitors and support our local student athletes.
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2019 Christmas Stroll

Posted on Oct 19, 2019
We will have a table at the 2019 Christmas Stroll in the Whitehall Community Center.  Besides our popular dish clothes, we will have copies of the District Cookbook for sale and a raffle for several great gift baskets.

Fish Pond tiles can still be ordered.  Please be patient as we need to have at least 8 tile orders before it is economically feasible to have the engraving done.  Tile forms can be picked up at the Stroll or downloaded here:  FISH TILE ORDER FORM.
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Making Christmas Merry in Whitehall Arlene Weber 2019-10-02 06:00:00Z 0

Annual Dictionary Delivery

Rotarian Millie Baycroft shows Harrison third graders some of the cool things found in their new dictionaries.  Whitehall and Cardwell 3rd graders also receive dictionaries from our club.  The Whitehall club has been delivering dictionaries to local and area third graders for more than 18 years.
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Preserving Part of Whitehall's History

Posted on Sep 02, 2019

Whitehall Rotarians have been the caretakers of the historic fishpond, located at the center of town, since the 1950s.  In the early 2000s, the club took on an enormous preservation and improvement project for the pond.  A new pond liner, better water filtration/oxygenation of water for the summer trout, a new granite sidewalk, recognition wall, and additional city park around the pond and benches have turned the area into a beautiful place to gather on warm summer evenings and throughout the year.

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Recognizing Those Who Serve our Community

For more than a decade, Whitehall Rotarians have been recognizing other individuals, groups, and businesses who also provide valuable service to our community- more than 68 Wheelchair Awards have been presented..  A donation jar at the local A&W/KFC provides all the funding.  When $150.00 has been donated, the club sends a check to the Wheelchair Foundation and a person somewhere in the US or other parts of the world receives a wheelchair that they otherwise would not be able to own.  As of January 1, 2015, part of the money donated in the A&W/KFC jar will also be used to help fund local community projects and the Rotary polio eradication effort. 

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